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Very fine single-use needles that barely cause any pain are inserted into certain points of the skin. Many acupuncture points are located on invisible energy channels, the so-called meridians / channels. Often, however, they are also located in skin and muscle areas near the pain or the diseased organs. According to Chinese medicine, the needle stimulates and regulates the flow of energy (Qi). Blockages and disturbances dissolve. In most cases, a few acupuncture sessions are sufficient for acute illnesses, but significantly more treatments may be necessary for chronic illnesses - depending on the clinical picture, age and physical condition of the patient.

Trigger point acupuncture:
  Specific, tense muscles responsible for the pain are stimulated with the needle. A brief muscle twitching at the moment of touching the needle and a sore muscles-like condition in the treated area can be observed for 12 to 24 hours after the treatment. 

Ear acupuncture: with fine needles special reflex points on the ear are stimulated, which can influence certain body regions and mental states.

Cranial acupuncture
 Yamamoto style (YNSA): is a tried and tested method to influence acute and chronic disease states via specific areas on the head. The points are selected using special tactile and pressure diagnostics on the skull, abdomen and neck. It is treated with fine needles on regions of the forehead and temples and the head. 

One of the special forms of acupuncture is  Laser acupuncture, in which the acupuncture points are treated with a soft laser beam. There is no pain. It is particularly suitable for treating sensitive areas of the body, for patients with pronounced weakness, fear of needles and for children.

Additional measures that strengthen the healing effect of acupuncture:

The one, for example, is particularly beneficial  Moxibustion, a special heat treatment in which dried mugwort is burned over certain areas of the body in order to warm them up and thus stimulate the energy.

Cupping and cupping massage
  can support acupuncture, as they exert a healing stimulus on the selected body region, relieve tension in the muscles and positively influence internal organs. This is performed on every single patient who undergoes an acupuncture session.

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