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Behandlungsserie von mehreren Akupunktursitzungen, um einen nachhaltigen Behandlungserfolg zu erreichen. Die Sitzungen bauen aufeinander auf.  

- Chronischen Erkrankungen bedürfen 10 bis 20 Sitzungen je nach Alter.

Bei Symptomfreiheit über zwei Wochen, erst einmal hören wir auf.

- „Erhaltungsakupunktur“ und „Auffrischakupunktur“: sind sinnvoll, um den erreichten Behandlungserfolg stabil halten zu können nach Beendigung einer Serie. 

Have you had acupuncture before? Didn't it help or didn't it help enough? 

Here you can explore the possible reasons:

A well-trained acupuncturist would inform patients about the possible chances of recovery and ways of alleviating their symptoms. No matter how trained or experienced the therapist,  the cooperation of the patient also decides whether or not  the therapy will be successful.  

Acupuncture is not just simply sticking in needles at random points. Comprehensive training in the selection of points and the type of application (e.g.  technique, number of needles, stimulus strength, etc.) are prerequisites for acupuncture . In acupuncture, specific test results are taken into account, such as those from tongue diagnostics and pulse diagnostics and detailed information from the medical history. 

Acupuncture treatment

Treatment consists of a series of several acupuncture sessions in order to achieve lasting success. The sessions build upon one another. 

- Chronic diseases  need  10 to 20 sessions,  depending on the age of the patient. It is important to go through the whole series.

- "Maintenance acupuncture" and "refresher acupuncture": are useful to maintain the success of the treatment after the end of a series, usually every three to four weeks.


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