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Acupuncture as a private medical service is billed according to the official fee schedule for doctors -GOÄ-.

A full acupuncture with a resting time of at least 20 minutes costs € 107.91  (GOÄ 269a x 2.3 or higher, depending on the effort).

The acupuncture needles are to be invoiced at cost price. 

For a series of several acupuncture sessions, this service is applied to each treatment. If acupuncture requires a particularly high expenditure of time or if additional types of stimulus, such as moxibustion, are built into the therapy, the doctor can adjust the GOÄ number by means of an increase factor according to the effort involved.

The specific acupuncture-TCM anamnesis and special diagnostics (pulse tongue, see above)
  will be charged additionally. These costs are up to € 150 / -, depending on the scope and time required.

Other stimulus techniques that are used for acupuncture, such as moxa warming or cupping, are to be calculated in addition or, as described above, calculated in the increase in the basic fee. 

Your insurance company will surely provide you with information on this.  

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